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True Self Dance

Meet Our Team!

Sandra Zumba C

Zumba® and Toning

Sandra was born in Lima-Peru as she will say : "latin music is in my blood"at eight months old Sandra wasn't able to walk but she was able to shimmy her shoulders and move her body every time she heard music. As a little girl she was part of the local Afro-Peruvian rhythms team, and performed at every single local event. Over the years she have practiced many different fitness formats such as aerobics, pilates, kickboxing, Kangoo kickboxing, and yoga just to name a few. However, from the very first time she tried Zumba®, she was hooked! She began co-teaching Zumba® in 2010, and just a few months later she became a formal Zumba® Fitness Instructor .

Sandra is an active ZIN (Zumba® Instructor Network) member and holds licenses to teach: Zumba® basic 1, Zumba® basic 2, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Sentao, Zumba® Step, Zumba® Kids, Piloxing, Pound Fitness, Yoga.

Currently involved in the local community spreading the Zumba® love and bringing awareness of healthy living and lifestyle change.

Come try her class!!! We promise you won't regret!!!



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Anthony Ramirez


Born and raised in Texas, Anthony moved to California at the end of 2017. This amazing Texan boy used to assist multiple group cardio classes in his hometown from zumba to hip hop, aerobics, among others. Shortly after his move, Anthony found himself missing dancing and so he found his way into a fitness studio again. In February of 2018, his love for dancing as well as with a push from his mentors in the right direction, lead Anthony to get certified as licensed Zumba instructor.

Anthony's class can be described as high energy dance party with flairs of reggae-ton, merengue and other Latin rhythms with some fun pop and hip hop music mixed in. Anthony loves his very active lifestyle, as he will say "always on the go"! He plays in sports leagues, does his own workouts, and truly enjoys exploring all things California has to offer. "I want my students to reach their goals and have fun doing it. I love the energy that comes with a Zumba class and I never feel like it's just a workout! I wanted them to leave with a smile, having fun, and feeling like they gave it their all!"

Come check out Anthony's class, you will be glad that you did!!!

* MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS at 5:45pm *

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Luna Meztli


Meztli Munoz, or as everyone calls her "Luna" has been a licensed Zumba® Instructor for over 10 years. Zumba® is definitely Luna's passion! She loves to make women feel strong and powerful within themselves. Her goal as a Zumba® Instructor is to break the “rule” or mindset of the fitness world that skinny is the only type of “sexy” or “beautiful”. Females with curves should feel healthy, strong, and EMPOWERED with themselves!!! We should always share that with one another and if we have a strong mind we will definitely have a strong body. A stronger, SEXIER body!

Luna started to volunteer at the YMCA at the age of 12. At the age of 13 she started to teach kids aerobics. She got Zumba® certified at the age of 17 and volunteered in different YMCAs for seven years. She joined 24 Hour Fitness at 19, breaking record with the group x classes that would hit capacity every single class. Her Zumba® journey has been an amazing experience! As she will say "I rose at times and I felt at times but my passion never died". She is always as excited as she was teaching for the very first time!

Luna holds licences to teach: Zumba® Basic 1, Zumba® Kids & Zumba® Kids Jr., Zumba® Sentao and Strong by Zumba®.

Luna also has also been part of Zumba® Exhilarate DVD, Zumba® Booth at Fitness Conventions, Clippers half time show, Amarfis (Latin Artist), Latin Craze performer at LA Zumba® Conference, Fly Girl performer at Zumba® Convention among others. Luna is also a current Beginning Hip Hop Instructor as well as a Kids Hip Hop Instructor.

Luna is an active Zumba® assistant for Certifications with ZES Aileen & Alfredo Padilla and many different Zumba® Master Classes. She participated at Happy Beyond Fit Retreat, Kizomba Workshop, Biggest Losers TV Show, The Doctors TV Show and Azteca America TV Show.

Come join Luna's class we promised you won't regret!

* WEDENSDAYS at 7:00pm *

SATURDAYS at 9:00am  *

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Francesca lugo


Francesca enjoys long drives on the coast, eating a refreshing acai bowl, and dancing in Zumba® classes! After 5 years of being a Zumba® student, she finally decided to become and instructor herself. 

Dancing has been a passion of hers since she was seven years old. From dance competitions to cheering on the sidelines, nothing stopped her from learning new genres of the art form. 

In 2014, she discovered True Self Dance and became a Zumba® addict. 

All summer long she boogied with her pals and made new friends along the way. 

She finds Zumba® to be the perfect combo of her previous dance life and the fitness world. 

 "what ever keeps the soul dancing!"

Come join Fran's class guarantee you'll have a blast!


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Kyoko's love of music began at the tender age of 5 when she started learning organ and piano. Music has always held a special place in her heart and as an adult she sought ways to express herself more through music and began salsa dancing. She was very quick to pick it up and was invited to try Hawaiian dance as well by the owner of the same dance school. She enjoyed it and pursued it seriously for 8 years. After that her life took some stressful turns and she found herself looking for a change and wanted to improve her physical shape and mental state. That was when Kyoko discovered Zumba! It was love at first dance! She immediately started going everyday after that first time. It was euphoric. A few years later a Zumba instructor of hers, seeing her continued passion and talent for dancing she encouraged her to go for the formal Zumba Instructor License. When you're doing Zumba you have an amazing time with an amazing community of caring, fun people and you can express yourself and become healthy at the same time and forget your daily stress and worries.

 That's what Kyoko wants for you when you come to her class. 

She hopes you'll have a super fun time, feel better about your body, forget all your stress and make some new friends at her Zumba class! 

Come join Kyoko's class we promised you won't regret!

* MONDAYS at 7pm


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cindy swenson


Growing up as a gymnast, Cindy always felt the need for movement, power, and strength in her life. Yet, there was always a piece that was missing. In 2012, after rupturing her calf muscle in tennis she turned to yoga for some relief. She hobbled into her first yoga class honestly a little skeptical and left knowing this was the missing piece she had been searching for. She found the power and strength that she longed for, but also found an amazing mental and spiritual factor that deepened and enriched her life. From that moment on she was hooked and felt a strong desire to share this love of yoga with others. Cindy completed her RYT-200 from Soho Yoga this spring and has been beyond excited to share her love and passion of yoga. She believes we are all connected and has a strong desire to see people grow, flourish and enjoy their best life. She wants her students to know that they have the potential within themselves to attain any goals or dreams that they set for themselves and to find their true power and confidence that is already waiting to shine from within!

* SATURDAY  - 10:30am *

book a Class with CINDY